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    Allez-y essayez c’est une expérience unique et très instructive,comme vous êtes averti vous n’en sortirez pas blessé comme tant de contributeurs. Par exemple essayez de modérer l’article (un procès à charge) de Dieudonné (que je n’apprécie nullement rassurez-vous) et vous comprendez très rapidement comment fonctionne le système Wikipédia…

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    I am fairly new to Youtube. My view counter froze at 301. I have been in forums. Searched every help tool and article, all to no useful avail. Titonka Music, the music company that financially backs me, is watching my futile attempts to get the counter fixed, and I am afraid that they will decide that an extensive PAID advertising campaign with your company is useless because 1. Customer service is pretty horrid and 2. If the counter doesn't work it is PRETTY DIFFICULT to see how well an ad campaign is going. This will likely not even be read, but if it is YOUTUBE, PLEASE RESPOND!!!! Kaeliannemoriah

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    Lara comentou em 29 de novembro de 2011 às 16:02. Eu posso estar ficando louca, mas pirei nesses tênis Jeremy Scott para Adidas!!!Julia, eu fiquei com uma dúvida com relação ao base aliada da semana passada – o pó mais escuro que vc passou para afinar o rosto era pó ou bronzeador? Qual o mais recomendável? Pq eu tenho um bronzer da linha surf baby que não é tão escuro como o refined golden da linha fixa da MAC. Bjss

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    Just curious… what exactly does it mean to “dominate” when you go out to a bar or club? What, do you show your drink who’s boss? Do you really just take sipping your drink to another level and just completely own the straw of your gay girly drink? What? How does one dominate at the bar? Is “dominating Kade style” like seeing how many dudes you can blow in the bathroom on a given night? Help me out… thanks, fucking shit for brains. God, I fucking hate you.

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    If you’re a fan f the smaller Swiss Army Knives, you might like the LM Juice series tools instead of something like the Wave. I often carry a Juice or SAK when I want to carry light and don’t need full-size pliers, or pliers at all. There’s a definitely a loss in functionality, but my pocket and belt thank me those days.

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    Questa storia però mi suona molto fantasiosaForse per questo potrebbe essere reale?Tempo addietro (18 mesi fa circa ) dissi a Daniele che Rossi aveva collaborato con Piantelli.Daniele mi chiese da dove avevo questa informazione, gli risposi che probabilmente me lo aveva detto Roy Virgilio di EA, o forse lo avevo letto sempre su EA o non ricordavo affatto da dove proveniva questa informazione ^__^Abbiamo chiesto a Roy, ha negato + o – se non ricordo male, forse Daniele ricorda meglio.

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    Ola camila, eu sei que nunca vais ler o meu comentario, mas quero dizer que voce é linda…vejo todos os dias o teu blog e quero que saibas que alegraqs muitas pessoas e fazes com que muitas pessoas tenham um dia melhor, so por te ver ou ouvir…nem todoas as pessoas “famosas” sao tao queridas e atenciosas como tu.Obrigada pelo carinho, amizade e companhiaNunca mudes… Obrigada[]

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    An attitude of gratitude is an amazing way to structure your life, and every thing you encounter on a daily basis. Even the problems are there for you to grow and learn, as you solve.This also goes hand in hand with what I call “heartbased living” which has to do with allowing your heart to make the decisions you encounter every day.Your heart produces over 6000 times the magnetic energy your brain does, and living a compassionate, grateful life will go a long way to helping you balance your life.

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    Jeg har snakket godt for min slagter i 1 1/2år og nu har hun fået det hjem! Det er slagter Kaj Madsen i Esbjerg. Det med fedt% nævner jeg fordi der er mange mennesker der går meget op i det, så det er bare en bonusinfo til dem der læser der jeg har skrevet. Mit fokus er bestemt ikke på fedt fattigt, der ryger masser af fedt indenbords god fornøjelse og spørg endelig hvis der er mere du er nysgerrig omkring.

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    Travis and team,We had so much fun with you and your team! The pictures came out amazing, and it looks like everything i hoped for !!!! The photo shoot was everything i expected it to be and more. I love your work and i will definetly call you next time i ever need a photographer and will recommend you to anyone who needs an amazing photographer. Thanks so much!- Melissa

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    Zgadzam siÄ™ z przedmówczyniÄ…. Jedyne co mnie zastanawia w Adamie to fakt,iż za każdym razem podkreÅ›la,że nie spotyka siÄ™ z czytelniczkami tego bloga(co mnie doÅ‚uje,no ale…) i zastanawiam siÄ™ Adamie skÄ…d masz pewność,że kobieta z którÄ… siÄ™ spotkaÅ‚eÅ› nie czyta Twojego bloga? przecież nie znasz swoich czytelniczek z wyglÄ…du i ich nie kontrolujesz.Chyba,że siÄ™ mylÄ™…

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    how the silly Obots always demand for some type of proof, yet they can't seem to muscle up the brain cells to do the same for what a kid could tell is a fake.These goofballs had better hope Obama doesn't take over like they want, he will have a field day with them when he wants to redistribute what they own to the rest of the world. Is anyone dumb enough to shoot themself in the foot twice? I guess so, as long as their are Obots.

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    a5156172Salut Christophe, quand tu dis “comment les classes populaires de tous les pays accepteront-elles de voir leur niveau de vie baisser.” … on pourrait aussi dire que nous allons nous orienter vers une croissance qualitative au lieu d’une croissance quantitative … ça sonne pas mieux, non ?   Attention à l’addiction …347af45

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    Excellent post Gillian – and very thought provoking too. You're so right. Some characters arrive almost 'whole' and some never quite make it, but what of those whose futures we delete? I've just done that to one of the characters in the novel – it's still there in my head, I know what happens to her – but it's one of those things that detracts from the main story, so nobody else needs to know. And at the same time, I've been forced to interrogate the past of another character – and what a can of worms that opened! As for the Doctor – that was mind-blowing! How can we wait for Christmas?

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    una prof. Bagnai indica uscita euro in virtu di studi economici, poi interviene l’ ideologia e rimaniano bloccati al keynes-socialista.Gianni z.Si deve capire che bisogna riportare lo stato, come P.A. , entro i limiti dell’essenziale e sottoporre il bilancio al vincolo di non più del 35% tax rate, tutti il resto sono soldi buttati nel cesso della politic clientelare.

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    N’empêche….Admettons, pour la discussion, que le problème, c’est qu’on est trop « difficile » (pour ce que ça veut dire).On fait quoi alors? On couche/se met en couple avec quelqu’un alors QU’ON EN A PAS ENVIE? Me semble que c’est pas le but recherché….« La bandaison, papa, ça ne se commande pas. »(Brassens)*on jase*

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    Mike, thanks for your reply. There is a significant difference between gambling and investing. Gambling necessitates that many must lose in order for one to win. Investing allows for all to win. While both involve risk of loss, investing enables the investor, the company and the consumer of the product or service to experience gain. Compare the outcomes of those that purchased a lottery ticket to anyone who purchased shares of AAPL in 2007.

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    Hey,Planed to watch live screening of match at pub.. planned to go goa with friends..But, ended up in my hall all alone with few beer bottles.. Coz wasn’t 100% sure that we gonna lift trophy this year after the dramatic sacking of AVB.YES, i was screaming.. crying.. laughing.. dancing.. after the Drogba’s penalty, called my girl(though she don’t understand A,B,C of football), called few of my friends, chelsea fans.. Most of them called me back to know that whether was still alive or not..#KTBFFH #RESPECT #BELIEVE #OnceBlueAlwaysBlue #BornBlueDieBlueReply

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    Microsoft’s Windows Mobile phone platform is a joke.Unable to escape the stylus pen interface of last decade, it can’t compete with today’s multi-touch phone platforms, such as Android and iPhone.When I next upgrade my handset, I will make sure it is not a Windows Phone. Anything but. Android, iPhone, Blackberry, yes… anything but Windows Phone.

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    Thanks! It’s an excellent gig, especially since she’s a wee child, so there’s not a lot of heavy lifting involved or physical exertion. But the work is draining in other ways; there’s a lot of mental anguish and emotional cruelty, because she’s a hardass taskmaster. If she wants me to do something, she’s not shy about telling me. Unfortunately, she refuses to form words, damn it.

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    La Comunidad Valenciana ha sido un bebedero de dinero del que muchos han pegado buenos sorbos.Y claro,ahora la indigestión o borracherra ha dejado una resaca que es muy difícil de corregir.El paradigma de los amiguitos del alma ha llegado a un grado de putrefacción ética y económica que será muy difícil de traer a buen camino.Guindos, que sabe mucho de bancos malos. debería incluir a esta CC.AA. en uno de esos bancos ya que los activos tóxicos serán muy difíciles de colocar en el mercado.¡Salud y República!

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    YIPPY SKIPPY! I finally found some chocolate wafers and made these. My bows were not nearly as sweet looking and perfect as yours were, but I could rectify that with a smaller tip on my frosting bag next year. Thank you for making me a minor (and short-lived, I’m guessing, but hey, I’ll take what I can get) legend in the neighborhood!

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    Mensen die online kaarten kopen betalen ook meteen online , dus omzet lopen ze niet mis. Wij konden gelukkig wel naar binnen de laatste zondag maar mijn god wat was het overvol. We zijn in maar 1 haunted house geweest. Ookal hadden we kaarten voor alle vier…… Ik voelde me al een beetje opgelicht,, laat staan hoe die mensen zich hebben gevoeld die er niet eens naar binnen kwamen !?

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    Здравствуйте, скажите пожалуйста, возможны ли заочные курсы или они проводятся только в г. Николаев. Я студент НТУУ «ÃÂšÃÂŸÃÂ˜» факультет информатики и вычислительной техники, кафедра «ÃÂ’ычислительная Техника». Знания ООП и JSE есть.

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    This is beyond pathetic…I can’t believe that this was said and done….This is not over yet. I believe Gammons is getting his information directly from a Rays’ insider/employee, which is really bizarre. Why would the Rays discount themselves deliberately and not defend and go after Gammons? Why do sites like this have to be defensive and Gammons and perhaps the Rays themselves are corroborating incorrectly?? Yes, this is a bizarre and counterintuitive thought, but apparently true.

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    With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any problems of plagorism or copyright violation? My website has a lot of completely unique content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my agreement. Do you know any ways to help prevent content from being ripped off? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

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    Peter!It is patently obvious that the primary reason for this entire case was because “In effect a private militia was being established,”++"People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose, will always be dangerous." – Edmund Burke

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    2 Oonent:Ateismus je postoj k nepotvrzené hypotéze o existenci Boha.Nic víc nehlásá – není to žádný svÄ›tonázor, žádná ideologie.Není to dokonce ani tvrzení, že Bůh neexistuje (nikoliv bohové ale teistický Bůh).Podle vaší logiky je svÄ›tonázorem nevíra ve vlka z Karkulky.To prostÄ› není pravda.ChtÄ›lo by to si nejprve najít základní pojmy ve slovníku, než se vydáte na takovéto statečné výpravy na internet.

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    Dear Mr. Guy,You and Pavo summed up the Texas mentality on guns quite nicely. However, If the life affirming proliferation of Viagra were more widely distributed in that state, perhaps the use of guns and other such obelisks of the predatory Phallix symbols for death and destruction would not be such necessary compensations.Aloha!Jean

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    Drawing boundaries is fine, but what happens if the abuse is a one liner quickly delivered and left hanging, so that no further discussion can be entered into? Stopping the conversation is of no use, then, because the conversation had already stopped when the one liner had been uttered.I find this is the typical abuse that I receive from acquaintances, mainly, not just my partner

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    Si tu demandes mon avis (tu le demandes?), moi je préfère quand tu écris je l’ai déjà dis. Tes videos me laissent un peu de marbre, enfin non j’exagère parfois je souris. Par contre je prends beaucoup de plaisir à te lire, entendons nous bien c’est un plaisir tout ce qu’il y a de plus intellectuel.

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    There are actually lots of details like that to take into consideration. That may be a great point to convey up. I supply the ideas above as common inspiration but clearly there are questions just like the one you bring up the place an important factor shall be working in honest good faith. I don?t know if best practices have emerged round issues like that, but I’m certain that your job is clearly recognized as a fair game. Each girls and boys really feel the affect of just a moment’s pleasure, for the remainder of their lives.

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    The Economist est surtout lu par les travailleurs.Allez faire un tour sur le site de HRMC pour voir la liste des journaux qu’une entreprise peut deduire comme un cout, et non comme un benefice en nature, The Economist n’est pas dessus. Du coup je suis oblige de payer on abonnement (env 100£/an) je ne peux pas le passer sur ma boite.Mais il sont sympa, ils l’envoient meme a l’etranger pour mes vacances.

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    Well, of course, there are many women's clothing styles that are even more comfortable than men's clothes because they accommodate breasts and buttocks. BUT, women's clothes rarely have enough pockets (if any at all)! Nevertheless, a well-made garment — whether for a man or a woman — is worthy to be worn with great joy by anyone! xxoo Patty

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    “Would our planet ever actually unite in such a cooperation?”Watchmen (or Star Trek for that matter)Scifi novel featuring humanity up against an incomprehensibly alien enemy (and that actually deals with the strategic implications) – Starship Troopers“Naw, the best scenario for alien “invasion” is an alien ecological infestation”Lovecraft, “The Colour out of Space”

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    25 Anon- Don’t get me wrong, I have the same bad taste in my mouth from Shaq that every Laker fan does… but I got to say, Shaq looked like the only person in a Cavs Jersey who didn’t want his butt handed to him by a couple of leprechauns. Yes, he’s extremely terrible at pick and role defense and hardly rotates to help the strong side but the guy still has heart and showed for the Cavs more than anyone else on the floor for them.(But I still never want to see him in a Laker Jersey again.)

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    What a fantastic post. And, if you’re ever feeling bored or lonely, feel free to come buy. We’re doing renos, so there’s always something to do. Just as long as you don’t judge me for my chaotic messy house. On second thought, maybe you could just call and I could come over to your non-consturction/two year old terror/newborn house where it is much quieter and definitely cleaner. Yeah, that sounds better!

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    The chief has shown real starch. It is now for the volunteers to lose the deal. My feeling is that they will play well and we will all win. I don’t recall when this was discussed in earlier blogs but let’s not forget the huge dollars we save by having the volunteers. I don’t know the actual numbers but between salaries and benefits the it must be very large.At bottom, let’s make this work. The time for throwing rocks — if there was ever an appropriate time — is over.

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    / WTF does "too political mean. That doesn't even mean anything in this circumstance..More lily livered, spineless bureaucrats with no minds of their own toeing the company line. I wake up every morning and news like this gives me cause to ask "What country am I living in?"Some genius pencil pusher actually thought that this was a valid excuse: "…..too political…"You can't make this stuff up.

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    It’s my belief that mesothelioma is definitely the most deadly cancer. It contains unusual characteristics. The more I actually look at it the harder I am persuaded it does not respond like a real solid cells cancer. In the event mesothelioma is really a rogue viral infection, therefore there is the possibility of developing a vaccine in addition to offering vaccination for asbestos exposed people who are vulnerable to high risk involving developing foreseeable future asbestos connected malignancies. Thanks for expressing your ideas on this important health issue.

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    Hi Shelly, You can use gel colour or powdered colour or a very small amount of normal food colour – which will not give a strong colour. Too much liquid and your macrons will not work out. Ganache is made with chocolate and cream so for vanilla ganache you would use white chocolate and cream flavoured with vanilla, follow the link to the or both have how to make ganache in their videos.

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    Adrienne Hello Kristi, I have set up my business page as a company and that is working fine. The trouble I am having is finding it when I want to update my employment information on my personal page. When I go to create a new job, my company page does not come up even though you can search for it. How can I get it to show in that list.THANK YOU!

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    hey sir, you played a song right before sexy bitch at junkie on Saturday, 6/23. It’s electronic and it’s “deep” (doodoo doo…..Doodoo doo…doodoo…do.) i hope this helps. I know you probably don’t remember, but I’ve been trying to find this song for weeks… any help would be hugely appreciated sir. fantastic set last night btw

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    Hi Kelly! I just commented on your previous post but wanted to tell you I signed up to sponsor a child tonight and I can't tell you how wonderful it feels! Thank you so much for your blog – without it I wouldn't be where I am in my relationship with God right now and probably wouldn't know about the sponsorship program. May God continue to bless you and Scott and all the others on your trip.


    The root of your writing while sounding reasonable initially, did not really settle perfectly with me personally after some time. Someplace throughout the paragraphs you were able to make me a believer unfortunately just for a while. I however have a problem with your leaps in logic and you might do well to help fill in those gaps. In the event you can accomplish that, I would surely be impressed.

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    Excellent article. You written many Hyderabadi people’s mind .Funny thing here is , no one objects for Telanagana , except high command (?)but no one is thinking about what happens after getting Telganana?Will all these Telangana protesters can come out and vote for a good party/leader?Again some useless MLA/MPs will be elected.We have to fight for correcting our society from poverty , corruption and political leaders capability.

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    ad 7Nějak nerozumím, proč svůj příspěvek adresujete mně. Nedá mi to nepoznamenat, že by možná bylo vhodné důkladně číst cizí příspěvky a až pak na ně mnohomluvně reagovat (to se zvlášť nabízí, pokud někdo na jednoodstavcovou glosu reaguje pětiodstavcovým esejem). V mnou nabízeném pojetí samozřejmě stojí zpoplatněné úkony mimo zákonodárcem vymezenou podmnožinu bezplatně poskytované péče, a to zcela v souladu s Listinou.

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    I don't think many viewers sit there and carefully weigh up the merits of a video and rate accuratly like olmypic judges. Either they rate 1 star and say It sux or they rate 5 stars .. If they found the video just mediocre they will just move on to the next video.The only good purpose of the rating system is to weed out spam type videos .

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    Ben moi je le regarde le JT sur France 2 :pSinon, c ‘est vrai que j’ai remarqué qu’n regardant les débats à la télé, qu’il ne faut pas forcémment connaître le sujet pour donner son avis.. ce qui fait beaucoup trop de gens qui parlent pour ne rien et très peu qui apportent réellement des idées cohérentes au débat et qu’on entend à peine…

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    September 17, 2011 I get what you’re saying an understand that, Lucy. But omnipotence doesn’t mean being able to do bizzare things that aren’t logical, in my book. I understand that God should be able to do the impossible, and maybe he can. But if God is the author of logic, then surely he would be inconsistent if he didn’t follow logic in his ways and actions? 

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    Buna, trebui sa mergi neaparat la un medic internist. S-ar putea sa suferi de o afectiune a circulatiei periferice, am cateva banuieli, insa nu vreau sa ma pronunt fara sa vad. Se fac cateva teste specifice, iar orice medic bun, internist, sau specializat in boli cardiovasculare poate pune rapid un diagnostic si recomandari specifice. Bafta si nu mai amana!!

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    Hi Stefan,we have already wrote a script but there is the problem that the user who want to run the script from a client needs administrative rights on scom server. So we have to insert scom action account with password into the ps script (not a smart solution). I looked around for another solution but find nothing RegardsDoreen

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    Que propuestas mas ricas Kako, no se por cual decidirme pero si me tengo que mojar me declino por la de pera en contra de mi predilección por lo salado aunque me da en la nariz que que muy dulce no ha de ser!Bueno Wapísima me tienes intrigado con la historia de los kumquats a ver con que nos sorprendes esta vez!Besos y buenas noches Wapa!

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    RandyThere are a number of variables that come into play… bedding material, food source, pH and even moisture levels. If you can give me a little more information I will be glad to try and assist you.The techniques incorporated with the process produce not only cocoons but freshly hatched worms every two weeks on our farm as well as others who have written me after trying the process in the book.Bruce

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    bonjour,je suis tombé sur votre blog après de nombreuses recherches et je ne sais comment !!!je suis a la recherche de côte de timbres … en fait je possède l’album souvenir Charles de Gaulle tirage limité dans le monde a 2000 exemplaires. J’aimerai savoir si vous pourriez me dire ou je peux trouver quelqu’un capable de me donner une estimation car malheureusement je ne trouve aucune info sur le net !Je vous remercie par avance.Aurélie

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    Bueno, Castellón es muy provinciana, y ya se sabe, este tipo de sociedades poco evolucionadas, necesitan al cacique de turno, donde la gente de bien tiene que rendir pleitesía, amén de jugar a la jet-set de secano, ja,ja,ja.De secano ahora más que nunca, por la ruina agraria y las azulejeras empezando a podrirse.¡Eso sí!,siempre les quedara el aeropurto para emigrar…

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    Un’affettuosa correzione: la bobina Tesla non “sembra tratta direttamente da un film di Frankenstein”, ma E’ in effetti stata resa famosa proprio dai film di fantascienza, nei quali è stata largamente utilizzata.Vale la pena citare, oltre al Frankenstein originale, il mitico Frankenstein Juonior (che riutilizza il set dell’originale), Ed Wood di Tim Burton (ma anche i vari film di Ed Wood). Nonchè il già citato The Prestige.

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    ขอบคุณนะค่ะที่มาตอบคำถาม แต่อยากรู้ว่าเราจะตรวจสอบรายชื่อว่าถูกต้องรึป่าวได้ตอนไหนค่ะ ในวันสอบจิงจะมีบอกรึป่าวค่ะ

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    We all love Shorty–his neighbors that is! We have some stories to tell!!!He checks in on my neighbor Ruth (who once lived in Manzanar)once a week. She’s also going on 94.They used to work at Calvary Cemetery floral shop awhile back, where my mom and I went to buy flowers for her mom and my dad. Small world no?Ruth is as spry or more than Shorty! Ruth is another story to investigate in finding out about this barrio…

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